Compassion Philosophy


Compassion Philosophy


Compassion Philosophy is a non profit, volunteer-run arts collective based in Hamburg & Athens. It was founded in 2015 by a voluntary initiative of active citizens, artists, cultural managers and academics. In the network of Compassion active citizens, scientists and artists are enrolled. Compassion Philosophy aims to:

Promote public awareness regarding the support and understandingof patients with chronic illnesses.
Encourage a dialoque among doctors, psychologists, philosophers and artists regarding the meaning of illness.
Encourage the creation of novel artistic forms that promote social activism regarding chronic illnesses.
Support academic research and publications on the field of philosophy of illness and aesthetics.
Promote the works of young artists beyond their country and open cultural channels of communication among artists from different national backgrounds.



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Project Details

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    • Blog-Exhibitions
    • Multimedia gallery
    • Artist section with bio and works
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