Penny Monogiou

Penny Monogiou


Penny Monogiou is a visual artist. She studied at Athens School of Fine Arts. Her work was presented in group and solo exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Paris, Hamburg. She was awarded with the 1st prize of the 6th Student Biennale 2011. Her Sculpture “Through time”, was selected for the permanent exhibition of Eleftherios Venizelos Airport in Athens. Penny lives in Hamburg, Germany where she works as an artist and curator.

Her work unfolds as a large, wall mounted mosaic employing a wide range of artistic means, from painting, photography and photo-collage to installations and new media. Penny Monogiou’s work criticises the hidden premises that underlie the european project and its current falls; her work is therefore genuinely political, combining art, history and political philosophy.


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